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Help Your Child Learn Self-Discipline with Dance Classes

It probably comes as no surprise that dance lessons are a great way to strengthen your body, but did you know that dance can also help you build self-discipline? For example, ballet helps students develop self-discipline as they work to meet expectations, perfect specific steps, and practice difficult new moves.

Ballet is one of the most popular kids dance lessons in Nundah, and the benefit of improved self-discipline is one of the reasons. There are many ways in which students exercise self-discipline in ballet classes. Even the simple act of learning a choreographed dance combination requires discipline as students focus on the order of movements in the combination, time these movements to correlate with the accompanying music, and put in the focused practice time required to reach their goals.

The tradition of discipline in ballet encompasses all of this as well as other aspects of dance classes, such as listening to instructions from the teacher, accepting feedback and working on what needs improvement, and following the rules and etiquette of the class. This etiquette may include things such as wearing specific attire and behaving in specific ways, such as listening quietly when the teacher is giving instruction, being courteous to the teacher and fellow students, and even keeping cell phones put away and avoiding chewing gum during class.

Discipline is a part of life, and kids dance lessons in Nundah are a great way for students to start learning to focus their minds and bodies on the task at hand when required. Discipline learned in ballet class will translate into improved self-discipline skills throughout life, so this is a valuable benefit of dance. Contact Reilly Dance Academy today to learn more about our course offerings.