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Active Programs to suit all ages

Dance and Movement: A Great Way to Express Emotions and Ideas

Expressing our emotions – even negative ones – is critical to our mental and physical health. However, expressing feelings in a healthy way is something people of all ages often find difficult. Keeping feelings bottled up inside increases stress and doesn’t afford us the release of expressing who we truly are, so finding ways to express emotion is paramount to living a full and happy life.

Dance is one of the best ways to express thoughts and feelings, whether or not you are also comfortable verbalising them. Kids dance lessons in Chermside can be a valuable tool in the process of learning not to be afraid of emotion and expressing it openly and genuinely. There are endless ways to move the body, and pictures can be painted with dance that show beauty, joy, sadness, anger, or countless other thoughts and feelings the dancer or choreographer may have. Dance can teach kids from a young age that all emotions are acceptable and normal, and it can give them a healthy, productive way to deal with these feelings.

At Reilly Dance Academy, we have been providing dance instruction for 25 years on the Northside of Brisbane to students ages three through adult. We focus on a family environment where students feel accepted and encouraged, and we offer classes such as kids dance lessons in Chermside for all skill levels because we believe everyone can benefit from learning to dance. Contact us today to learn more about our class offerings or to ask any questions you might have.