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Put Your Feet to Use at Reilly Dance Academy, One of the Premier Dance Schools near Chermside

At Reilly Dance Academy we believe that dance is not just for the professionals, nor is it just for women. Dance is for everyone. We believe that if you are not dancing, you are wasting your feet! You may think of dancing as an art form you just don't understand or something mostly for social occasions such as weddings. But you could be losing out when it comes to the full scope of dance. What you may or may not realise is the extent to which dance can be an incredible form of exercise that sports various benefits to your basic physical health. Anything that gets you moving around as much as dance does gets your heart rate going. But beyond that dance has been shown to support other bodily systems as well. It is a wonderful circulatory and respiratory workout that forces to you to stretch the limits of your muscles with each new step.

That may sell you on giving dance a chance. But how are you supposed to know which of the dance schools near Chermside is right for you? One of the things that sets Reilly Dance Academy apart near Chermside is that we are not geared towards a limited age group or only one kind of dance. You do not need to be an expert to come to our studio, and you don't need to be a newbie either. We keep our doors open to any and all above the age of three because we believe that everyone's feet should be put to good use and that the benefits of dance to your health are relevant to anyone and everyone.