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Active Programs to suit all ages

Take Dance Lessons in Nundah Alongside Your Child and Share an Activity for a Lifetime

Many parents enrol their children in dance classes at a very young age. At Reilly Dance Academy, we could not encourage this strongly enough. One thing that we also encourage that may not be possible at just any facility that offers dance lessons in Nundah is for you to enrol in classes alongside your children. Perhaps you were a dancer in your youth, and now your child is beginning to share your joy. If this is the case, you know better than most the importance of regularly practicing this passion and you already understand how valuable it could be to enrol in dance lessons in Nundah alongside your child. But even if you have never taken a dance lesson in your life, this is still a great opportunity to form a lifelong bond with your child.

We offer courses for those of all ages, starting at three years old going all the way up to adult tap classes. This allows you to make dance not just a hobby of your child, but a family activity. By learning to dance at the same time as your child, you are giving yourself and your child the beautiful gift of sharing a passion that you will both have with you every day for the rest of your lives. Although you may not be enrolled in the same class, you will both learn to express yourselves through bodily movement while engaging in a healthy activity. Always remember that it is never too late to kick off those shoes and embark on a new dancing adventure.