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Active Programs to suit all ages

Learn at Reilly Dance Academy, One of the Best Dance Schools near Aspley

Our classes include:

  • Ballet
  • Creative Movement
  • Tap
  • Jazz

Dance schools are relatively common, as are casual after-school dance programmes. But what limits options such as those when it comes to seriously teaching yourself or your child dance is that those programmes are limited in terms of funding, quality of provided curriculum, types of dance taught, and ages appropriate for those programmes. Reilly Dance Academy have built an establishment aimed at providing dance lessons of all kinds for those of all ages and levels of experience in a family friendly environment. We understand that the standard options simply don’t cover the entire market for dance schools near Aspley. Therefore, we offer lessons for all ages in Ballet, Creative Movement, Tap, Jazz and Modern, and Contemporary.

Our classes are structured to line up with the academic year and are delivered as a ten week, one-term courses. The last term of every year is dedicated to the end of the year show in which everyone in the studio is welcome to join. We do not limit the show to our performance team because we believe that dance should be performed at all ages and all levels equally. Even beginners deserve to feel proud of their accomplishments and show off. This is one of the several features that separates us from the other dance schools near Aspley. It does not matter to us how experienced you are or what kind of dance you prefer. We accept any and all dancers above the age of three, and we encourage all of you to perform with us.

Safety Tips for Dancers

Many children take kids dance classes in Aspley. Dance lessons are a great way to stay physically healthy as well as make new friends, build self-confidence, and more. Safety is an important part of any sport, and dancing is no exception. Here are some safety tips for dancers.

  • Always warm up. Remember that stretching is not a warm-up; a warm-up should get the heart beating faster and the blood flowing to the major muscle groups. Stretching should take place after the body is warm.
  • Proper form is everything. Certain moves, is performed improperly, can cause pain or injury. It’s important to listen to the teacher’s instruction and make sure that correct form is used as much as possible. This includes good posture in and out of class.
  • Don’t overdo it. Some moves take time to master, and not everyone is ready for a given movement at the same time. Make sure to build the basics before adding more difficult steps.
  • Know the difference between pain that is healthy and pain that isn’t. A certain amount of muscle soreness is normal after a strenuous workout, but sharp or severe pain, for instance, usually indicates some sort of injury.
  • Students should practice stretching as well as strength and control work at home, particularly students who attend only one class per week. This keeps the body conditioned and able to take on new demands and helps the student’s skills progress faster.

At Reilly Dane Academy, we follow safe dance practices such as sprung floors and trained, experienced teachers with current Blue cards for working with children as well as first aid / CPR certifications. Contact us today to find out more about our kids dance classes in Aspley.


Reap the Many Benefits of Dance with Reilly Dance Academy’s Ballet Classes near Aspley

Many parents involve their children with dance at an early age because their child expresses interest in it or they simply wish to give their child a hobby and activity to roll with from the very beginnings of youth. If you have a young child interested in dance, we strongly encourage you to embrace this early passion. That said, if you have an older child or even are considering dabbling in dance at a later age, we fully encourage that as well. While an early start is probably best for serious competitive dancing, the fact is that you can reap the many health benefits of dance if you start at any age. This is why Reilly Dance Academy offer dance classes for those as young as three years old all the way up to adult ballet classes (entry level or advanced) near Aspley.

When it comes to ballet specifically, the benefits to your physical health are considerable. Dance is, in some respects, no different than any other form of physical activity: it’s healthy exercise! But ballet offers other benefits as it is a form that emphasises stretching and therapeutic movement. These aspects of pursuing ballet or any other facet of dance remain valuable and beneficial to you regardless of your age. So if you or a young one is interested in taking ballet classes near Aspley shortly, do not hesitate to give us a call at Reilly Dance Academy to begin reaping the benefits of dance today.

10 Weeks of Dance Lessons near Aspley in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and More!

At Reilly Dance Academy, we believe that moving your body to music is one of the most profound forms of self-expression. We believe that dance is something for any and all to enjoy regardless of your age, sex, race, or creed. We are open to anyone eager and willing to join our studio and our celebratory promotion of this rejuvenating activity. Our studio is not just open to all people, but all forms of dance as well. Whether your personal preference is Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballet, or a number of other styles, we have dance lessons near Aspley catered to teach whatever form of dance draws you in most. We take our motto of "if you're not dancing, you're wasting your feet" very seriously. So if you dare to enter our doors, be prepared to tap those toes!

Our courses are designed to align with the academic school year, so we offer ten-week courses. This will conveniently allow any school aged dancers to easily fit our programmes into their schedule. Or if you are an adult, our entry level tap classes may be just what you need. Regardless of your age or preferred style, our all-inclusiveness extends to performance. Every year our last term course is centred around our end of the year show. And this is not just for our performance team members. We encourage those at any level to step up to the plate. When it comes to our dance lessons near Aspley, we want everyone to participate and perform.