We have a variety of classes and dance styles. Classes are held during the school terms, usually 10 weeks per term.. The last term is dedicated to our end of year show which involves the whole studio.



The study of ballet provides physical conditioning and nurtures physical and mental discipline. Ballet improves posture and grace whilst developing artistry and appreciation for movement and music. Ballet provides the body with the language to move and further develop into other fields of dance.

We teach the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet syllabus and classes start from:

  • Pre-Primary (Prep at school)
  • Primary (Yr 1 at school)
  • Graded 1-5
  • Majors 

Creative Movement

This is a wonderful introduction to dance for the young student. This class encourages the students to use their imagination and creativity through the use of props, storylines, songs and differing music tempos.  Children explore the basics of movement in a fun filled musical setting, learning to follow instructions and co – operate with others. Creative movement class develops body awareness, co-ordination, isolation of movement and expression. This 30 min. class is designed for 3 – 4 year old boys and girls.


Tap dancing is a fun style that anyone can learn.  Students build skills in rhythm, musicality, balance and co-ordination.  By using a variety of music styles and tempos, students are encouraged to “train” their ears to hear different beats and rhythms.  We teach the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus as well as open work with an emphasis on relaxed, clear, musical tapping.  We have classes for:

  • Mini Tap (Prep and Yr 1 at school)
  • Level 1 - 10


This style of dance is upbeat and energetic, using current popular music as well as incorporating dance trends and styles from past eras.  Students learn basic moves and steps, isolations, sequencing and patterns, floorwork and stretching.  They are also able to  build on their technique to improve co-ordination, speed, strength, dynamics and presentation.  We have classes in:

  • Mini Jazz (Prep and Yr 1 at school)
  • Level 1 - 5
  • Intermediate and Open Jazz 

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance works with the natural alignment and energy of the body.  This form of dance covers a range of techniques such as: contraction, release, fall, recovery, rebound, suspension.  Contemporary dance can be danced to almost any style of music or joined with other dance forms to create new styles of movement. Students accepted from 12 years -  (dance experience conditions apply)

Performance Team

The RDA Performance Team was formed to provide more dance opportunities and experience for those students who love to dance, dance, dance!  Rehearsal time is Saturday afternoons and we compete at 3 Eisteddfods during the year.  Team members learn to support, contribute and unify.  They learn to realise the effort required to prepare for competition, along with the behaviour and decorum expected on the competitive circuit.  They also learn to appreciate other performers and performances.

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