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Active Programs to suit all ages

Learn to Use Movement as a Form of Expression with Ballet Classes near Nundah

Everyone needs an outlet to express themselves. Most people find one or more throughout their lives. However, one that offers a unique perspective, as well as a profound spatial understanding, is dance. As one of the most common forms of art in the world, dance is elusive in that many who do not engage in the activity have a limited understanding of what it is capable of expressing. Where it may be easy or obvious to understand music and literature, reading the abstract expression of bodily movement can be more difficult and less literal. The best way to learn the art of dance it to participate, to experience the emotion of movement for yourself. At Reilly Dance Academy, we understand the need to engage in appreciating, which is why we offer ballet classes near Nundah for all ages.

At RDA, we do not wish to limit the experience of learning the art of movement to anyone. We know that dance is a lifelong hobby that can start at any age. That is why we offer ballet classes near Nundah starting as early as three-years-old. By bringing a young one on board early you enhance your child's ability to understand the expression of dance in the most profound way, and you give them a leg up in expressing themselves in other areas throughout life. This does not mean that if you have never taken a dance class that this expression is out of reach to you later in life though either. So regardless of either your or your child's age, we encourage you to explore the beauty of bodily movement first hand with us.